Physical Health and Noble Thinking

Apr 20 2021

Hi Everybody! This year's health theme is "Physical Health and Noble Thinking". 

The health theme covered many points to consider in Physical Health and Noble Thinking. 1Peter 2:11, this text has a more broader meaning than warning against licentiousness only. It forbids every injurious gratification of Appetite or Passion....A close sympathy exists between the Physical and the Moral Nature!

The standard of virtue is elevated or degraded by the Physical Habits...any Habit which does not promote healthful action in the Human System degrades the Higher and Nobler Faculties... 

Gen.1:29 Whole Food, Nutritious Food, has a positive Effect on the Physical Health and gives Noble Thinking! Food filled with nutrients makes good Blood, build healthy Cells, Tissues and Organs! 

Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well

May 19 2019

  Fat...Vegan Margarine                       &                    Pumpkin Seed Millet Pattie

 We have discuss in detail about the "Fundamental of  Aging and Eating Well". It's inevitable, as we continue living we are going to age, our body system will change. There is a need for more whole foods Vitamins and Minerals from fruits and vegetables, less prohibited meats according to the Bible to none, less processed and refine food.

As important, as whole food and obeying God's health laws are, for the Human Race the Timing we partake of these Macronutrients are just as important. The Bio-Circadian Rhythm has been tested and proven that the Elimination Cycle, Digestion Cycle and Assimilation Cycle, adhered to will keep the body in optimal condition.

to be continued....... 

Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well

Apr 21 2019

In this class we acknowledged the three food groups Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins, with the emphasis on Fats. Fats are your Heat and Energy Food, as well as Carbs, but our emphasis is on Fats. There's more consumption of Fats in the form of Oil, Nuts and Dairy. Grains...are over consumed (but not a fat)!

There are three kinds of Fats..Saturated Fats which are found in ALL animal products & many vegetable oils...they (vegetable oils) can be a little tricky!

Polyunsaturated Fats known as your Omega 3 fatty acid. These fats are essential for good health. They help keep blood clots from forming in the arteries and lower cholesterol levels. Also, they reduce joint inflammation (common one is Arthritis), good for female disorders (of the breast and reproductive system). It's important to know if these Polyunsaturated Fats are over processed many benefits are lost. Use only first cold or expeller-pressed oils. 

Monounsaturated Fats known as your Omega 6 fatty acid lower "bad" LDL cholesterol without lowering "good" HDL cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats can be converted to arachidonic acid in the liver. Arachidonic acid is an essential unsaturated fatty acid because it is needed for the proper functioning of the human body.

Coconut Oil in the form of a Coconut is a Saturated Fat is good for you. Flax Oil - first cold press, Flax Seeds -flax meal both are Polyunsaturated Fat is good for you. Olive Oil - first cold press, the whole Olives both are Monounsaturated Fat is good for you. 

What are the Best Fats for you? Gen. 1:29 says....God has given the human race fruit, grain, seeds and nuts for meat/food...later He gave vegetables. All Fats in its whole or natural form taken in moderation is good for you. 

Take a look at some facts about fats: Fats acts as intestinal lubricant and combine w/phosphorus (an essential mineral..) to form a substance that helps build Tissues and Body Cells. Fats soothe the nerves and coat them w/ protective shield. Fats generates body heat, during aerobic type exercising/sports it burns longer and slower. Also, Fats reside in the Digestive Tract for longer period given a full/satiety feeling after a meal. 

Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well

Mar 17 2019

The Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well is more than a Plant Base Diet. As we Age forty-five (45yr) plus, our bodies need more nutrients. In the beginning of human life Fruit, Grains, nuts, Seeds & Vegetables was sufficient. Now, as we age, we need to supplement. Since the body is created from the Dust of the Earth the body will respond quickly to Herbal Supplements as well as certain Vitamins or Whole Food Vitamins. When taking Herbal Supplements you're getting vitamins in their proper proportion from God's Farmacy...the Earth! 

Herbs like Vitamins has many different functions as they come in contact with the body's cell through the food. Food such as Beets, Broccoli, Collar & Mustard Greens, Carrots, non- dairy Cheese, non-gmo Corn Muffins, Parsnips, Rutabagas and Walnut Patties. 

 Hawthorn Berries-high in Vit C, B-complex, Sodium, Silicon, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc and Sulphur. Another herb, Burdock Root- high in Vit.C, Iron, Protein, CHO, Vit. A, P, E, B-complex, Iodione, Zinc and Copper. 

However, As We Age, our bodies become more or less deficient in Vitamin and Mineral Supplements which can be obtain from both, Whole Foods and Laboratory made Sources such as: Liquid- Cal/Mg/Vit D or Cal/Mg/phosphorus/Vit D, Trace Minerals, Chromium Picolinate, Iodine, Vit A, B-complex, Vit.C & Vit D. Also, some of RDA's of the Major Minerals- Iron, Selenium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Friendly Flora (Acidolphilus) and Electrolytes.

Most Primary Physicans will work with you to keep your body chemistry in balance or in range.

Health Awareness 2018

Jul 08 2018

                                Lloyd Grubb a Nutritional Herbologist, as well as, a Pastor. He began the health class with a fresh delicious medicinal Tumeric Smoothie. The power, of this smoothie gives to the body takes a little explaining. The Tumeric plant is from the Ginger family. It has a powerful compound called curcumin, an enzyme which has the ability to block agents that causes inflammation. Ingested in the form of a smoothie or any liquid get into the blood circulatory system as an antioxidants...removing or blocking any inflammatory substances. This antioxidant could well deliver a burst of energy and sense of well being to your body. The smoothie include Water, fresh tumeric, bananas, raw almond or almond milk then blend in a high powered blender or be continued

Health Awareness 2018

May 20 2018



 Food is vital to humanity's existence, thinking, and a right way of living. Proverbs 14:12 said "there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but in the end thereof are the ways of death".  This year's "Health Awareness Class" focus is on food of course, but having a right understanding of the fundamental principles for your eating practices. The overall three (3) take away in this year classes are: Psalm 11:3, Godsplan (8-Laws of Health) and the Cycle of Man. Man's body function on a pulse, a beat, a rhythm, these are movements.

 In May's class I expound on the importance of the Bio Circadian Rhythm, the body's internal clock. What this body's clock is to our overall health! We have partaken of CHO, FATS and  PROTEINS, as important as these nutrients are timing is a major factor.

Lets take a look at the Bio Circadian Rhythm as it relates to the Elimination Cycle. This cycle begin releasing waste between the hours of 4:00 am-12:00 pm (the by product of food assimilated 24 hr. prior). The Elimination Cycle slows down after 12 pm. During these hours the body respond exceptionally well to high water content food. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, salads, herbal teas and of course fresh water.

Another part of the Circadian Rhythm is the Digestion Cycle. It begins at 12 pm-8 pm. This cycle pick ups where the Elimination Cycle slows down. Emphasis on the Digestive hours between 10 am-2 pm is essential. Our digestive fluids are the strongest during these hours. Therefore, this is when our largest and heaviest meal should been eaten. After 3:00 pm our digestive fluids weakens and digestion cycle slows down.

 Also after each meal there should be at a minimum of 3-4 hrs where no food should enter the system accept water, herbal tea and possibly grape juice.

If our digestive fluids weakens after 2:00 pm by 3:00 pm digestion slows down, assist the body through exercise first, before eating any large and heavy meal. 

 Assimilation begin at 8:00 pm - 4:00 am. The Assimilation Cycle assimilate all the nutrients entered the blood stream from 4 am (twenty-four hrs prior) to the start of the Elimination Cycle. This Bio Circadian Rhythm repeats itself every 24 hour period. What a wonderful body's internal clock!

Health Awareness 2018

Apr 15 2018

Unfortunately there will be no Health Class due to the severe Ice Storm that hit Detroit!!

Health Awareness 2018

Mar 20 2018

Health Blog Pages: MARCH and MAY's 2018 has been accidentally deleted! WILL TRY TO RETRIEVE infor. SOON!

Please enjoy all other 2017 Health information!!

Bio Circadian Rhythm and Proper Food Combining!!

May 21 2017

Interesting topic on Bio Circadian Rhythm and Proper Food Combining! The review on the last two previous health topics took quite an interest and a searching of the Mind for these ladies. The Bio Circadian Rhythm and Proper Food Combining actually captured everyone's attention and participation. We will discuss that topic, demo Collar Greens and Beet Balls.

March class introduced the Fundamentals of Health in which each proceeding class has been built upon. The sub-topic (broader area of discussion) "Understanding Human Nature" as it relates to health. This open up a discussion on our Plague Spots (Health wise or Character wise). While we covered GODSPLAN and the CYCLE of MAN. Everything we covered can be found in the Owner's Manual / Bible. be continued on Bio Circadian Rhythm...