Standard Five Day Program


Standard Five Day Program                                                                              Program includes / varies

One Week (5 days) (In State only)                                                                       -Morning Devotion: Live Stream or Conference Line

Total Package include A la carte ($1050.00)                                                    -Vitals / Dailey Assessments

                                                                                                                                    -1x Travel / Meal Prep                                               

A la carte - Meals                                                                                                  -Health & Bible Classes

Vegan / Vegetarian                                                                                                  -Exercise

Raw / Living Food                                                                                                   -Sauna & Hydrotherapy Application

Two Meals ($30.00) per day                                                                                  -Body Detoxification

($150.00) per week                                                                                                -Massage & Resting Periods



A la carte - Guest Rooms

Forty Dollars ($40.00) a day

($200.00) per week


Down Payment for Five Day Program

Cleansing Spa & Retreat


Our facility offers a 1 day “Cleansing Spa Experience” package.  It’s a very (mild cleansing) relaxing, nutrient rich package.


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Vegan Cooking School and Raw Food Classes



Vegan cooking and Raw classes using only plant base ingredients.

Carrot un-Tuna and Sprouted Buckwheat Crackers are one of R.A.H.M. standard Raw Vegan Dish-umm very good. 


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Medical Missionary Training



Rapid Awakening Health Ministries conducts two training classes a year. One is conducted in the month of July and the other in the month of October.

July's courses consist of Basic Medical Missionary classes. The Fundamental Principles are established at this level. It is an accelerated one week course, yet at a pace for Medical Missionary minded students.

*Inquire about our Certification Program for Colon Hygienic Therapist.*

Our core purpose is to equip / instruct students in the area of Basic Anatomy and Physiology, the basic functioning of the living organism.  Students will receive instruction on GOD'S PLAN, Hydrotherapy Treatments, Detoxification, the benefits of Gardening and classroom participation. All class materials and books are included.

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Home Health Visits


Home Health Visits: consultations are scheduled prior to your program. In-Home Visits minimum stay is Ten Days and the maximum stay is Twenty-One Days. An In-Home Visit require the use of the Eight Essential Package . This package is more intense in the nature of its cleanse and tissue building. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspect has...


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