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Health Awareness Class 2018 & Vegan Cooking

 * R.S.V.P.* Class & Meal $50.00 per class *click below*  

*March 18, 2018*

  Sunday: 2pm-6pm

Health Presentation: 

Fundamentals for Optimum Wellness

Food Demo: Non-Dairy Cheese


April 15th

Sunday: 2-6pm

Health Presentation:

FATS!!......which are best for body enhancement!

Food Demo: Non-Margarine Spread  


May 20th

Sunday: 2-6pm

Health Presentation:

Circadian Bio Rhythm

Food Demo: Protein...Entree' 


July 8th-------------Presenter: Pastor Lloyd Grubb (Nutritional Herbologist) 

Sunday 2-6pm

Health Topic to be ANNOUNCED!!


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