Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well

Mar 17 2019






Taking a closer look at the Fundamentals of Aging and Eating Well...we discovered that Herbal Combination, which I found to be the (best)and Vitamin / Mineral Combination will have more than one function. Because, of the several substances which work together in natural harmony. When these Herbal Combination are taken over a period of time, will condition reflexes in the body to produce effects comparable to those of specific drugs....WITHOUT HARMFUL SIDE AFFECTS!

Organic non-Gmo Whole Food combined properly assimilate in the body well. As the body Ages the nutrient requirement is needed more, more than what was given to the human race in the beginning...Fruit, Grains, Seeds, later Vegetables, -Genesis 1:29!

God said…"fruit thereof shall be for meat and leaf thereof shall be for medicine".

Ultimately the life given power is in the “Tree of Life”...the Bread of Life, for us here and now is to Trust and Obey...the Word made flesh.

As We Age the fundamental principles of life are to be Taken, Eaten and Digested...MS, 71 1898.10


The human race was priviledged to discover that Vitamins were present in all whole food, natural food and raw food. The discovery of Vitamins by Casimir Funk in 1912 was a major scientific achievement in understanding health and disease for Science.  

One research showed that a Vitamin deficiency didn't effect the whole body but specific CELLS!  A nutrient separation, a refining of food or hybridizing wasn't an option given to mankind. This type of food preparation causes a shorting of life expectancy. It is a violation of the Principles of Aging and Eating Well given to the human race in...Gensis 1:29! 

But, a discovery of vitamins keeps us in harmony with the correct Fundamental Dietary Plan.