Cleansing and Nutrients!! By Pastor Lloyd Grubb

Jul 22 2017


The interest and anticipation in this class was phenomenon. Information on the importance of cleansing the body that the nutrients from our

food and supplementation can be absorbed. Colon Cleansing was emphasized as a major importance. All diseases begins in the Colon.

The encapsulation of Understanding Human Nature as it relates to health, and how to fix the body, great presentation. We must get acquainted

with the Master Creator - God through the Owner's Manual - the Bible! We discuss foods that may affects one person in an adverse way and

others have no negative reactions. One can understand this process through studying Godsplan for the Human Race. Knowing your Genetic

weakness- your hereditary genes you carry, the weak and strong genes.

Many Herbal Teas presented which the body uses as cleansers also as blood builders. There was Hibiscus Herbal Tea served which has multiple

medicinal properties. Raw Chelation Pesto Spread with complimentary Raw Onion Bread & Crackers, packed with live enzymes and vitamins.

Vegan Root Vegetable Stew, Mustard Greens and Turnip Roots all full of minerals! Salads that leave your cells building & optimally operating.

I would like to give another warm thank you Neima, Betty & Jeff K. for attending all (4) 2017, Health Classes!

Thank you for our special Host Pastor Lloyd & Tamari Grubb!!