Bio Circadian Rhythm and Proper Food Combining!!

May 21 2017



Proper Food Combining is an essential part of GODSPLAN for the Human Race. When the anatomy is given the proper combination of food, it will assist the body in building the CYCLE of MAN. The process during the ASSIMILATION CYCLE of man's BIO CIRCADIAN RHYTHM will promote growth and repair tissues. How is this process carried out.......continue reading

Our main course or Entree are BEET BALLS (w / Cashew Gravy) a plant base PROTEIN source. The cooked vegetables are COLLARD GREENS and SWEET POTATOES. We also had two uncooked or Raw Vegetable Salads, COLE SLAW and SWEET KALE MIXTURE. 

When these foods are taken through the DIGESTION CYCLE they are broken down into usable material. However the BLOOD nourishes tissues and repair worn tissues. These are Complex CHO nothing refined, high fiber content, rich in mineral and Vit A,B, C & more. These food also support the ELIMINATION CYCLE by eliminating waste therefore furnishing energy to the whole body. 

The Bio Circadian Rhythm moves on a time schedule. The body's internal clock is very sophisticated. You can liken it to a washing cycle. It moves steadily releasing solutions, that are put into the washing cycle compartment. Our internal clock has three cycles, Assimilation Cycle, Digestion Cycle and Elimination Cycle. What we put into our bodies either build it up or tear it down. The Psalmist say..

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knowth right well".  Psalms 139:14