Mar 27 2017

 After accepting that each individual has to take a view, discern and understanding the human plague spots in their nature, in their character, we need the Owner's Manual (Bible). 

In our class the "Take Away" was an individual awakening to some things we honestly believed was improving ones health but the Evaluation Tools we used help each person come to the conclusion WHY the Evaluation Tools gave them an unacceptable result. The "Take Away" was very rewarding! A change in some parts of their health habits was the answer! Such as drinking more WATER. With SOME it was drinking "Puried Water or Reverse Osmosis".

We also had a blast with the Food Demonstrations. We made Meatless Raw Chili & Basic Cheesy Sauce. It was unbelievable the response I got from the class. They even wanted to put me on the Martha Stewart Show. They couldn't wait to make the cheese & meatless raw chili. The class took their health serious and believe they will achieve Optimal Health as they practice the information I was privilege to share with them. To your better Health!