Regaining and Maintaining Balance

Jul 05 2016

"Regaining and Maintaining Balance"
by Nutritional Herbologist Lloyd Grubb!!

 Surprising to know that health is much more than freedom from a disease body. 

Jeff Kendall (who attended All 4 classes- 1x a month- BRAVO!!) said that he's experienced eating more plant based food can change your Acidic PH to a balanced Alkaline PH. He also believe that his nutritional lifestyle was instrumental, along with his Hanson Coach, in Him qualifying for the Boston Marathon 2017!

Many health concerns were shared during the class. The take away answer to their sincere concerns was this: If your Mind, Environment, Social Habits, Physical Fitness, Spiritual commitments are "Out of Balance"; they must be Regained through omission in all extremes, unfavorable lifestyles  (eating, drinking, dressing, carousing including environment). To Maintained lasting omission comes through Trusting in (God).The Human Race has choices to make that can sever many types of relationship, but most times its the only way to experience true healing and Balance!! ........