Spring Season - Delicious Raw Vegetable Lasagna

Mar 21 2013

Awake that which is slumbering with our spring season delicious Raw Vegetable Lasagna. This lasagna was presented at our most recent raw cooking class on March 17th.

Sweet Yellow Peppers are high in Vitamin C. They are good for all types of illnesses.

Summer Squash very high in Vitamin A. low in calories.

Spinach is most beneficial when eaten raw because of the oxalic acid content. High in iron.

Tomatoes an amazing fruit of the vine vegetable aid in cleansing of toxins prevent appendicitis and digestive disorders. High concentration of Lycopene which is a Carotenoid a phytonutrient. To attend one of my cooking classes please fill out the information on the Health Request page, to accommodate any special health challenges.