What are the best FATS!!

Apr 23 2017


  Wholesome Cashew Mayonnaise & Non-Butter Spread in small container!!


Mar 27 2017


 The approach to the "Health formula for Total Wellness" is to Understand Human Nature. The variables involved is two very essential opponents. God and You! The formula is Realities  "Concrete fixed Rules and Principles the Bible lie down. Before Fallen Human Nature, a life of bliss, also after the Fall of Human Nature, death and sickness. Accepting the Realities God has given the human race you begin to learn how to make decision for your Health and other areas of your life. Our focus on .....formula for Total Wellness is founded on a solid foundation- the Owner's Manual. The Bible helps us to understand how to deal with our Health. We covered in this class the Cycle of Man. How essential it is to eat food grown from the Soil, how that Food makes Blood and blood creates Cells...... The Bible gives us Eight Laws to use for Optimal Wellness. We find these Eight Laws in the Book of Genesis chapters 1 & 2.  

Regaining and Maintaining Balance

Jul 05 2016

"Regaining and Maintaining Balance" by Nutritional Herbologist Lloyd Grubb!!


  Great Speaker, Food & Friends!                                                                                                                                                 

Liver and Pancreas!! Two Organs that aid the Digestion System

Apr 25 2016


The Liver is a 3-4 pound organ. It is one of the busiest organ in the human body. It is located under the diaphragm right side larger than left side. Three-fourths of the Liver may be removed without seriously impairing digestion and nutrition. The Liver has an Alkaline ph and manufacture BILE which aids digestion of FAT.

Much to be said about both the Liver and Pancreas. The Pancreas through a process (Alpha Cells) produce a hormone called Glucagon. This Glucagon causes stored Glucose, which is called Glycogen to break down into the blood stream, raising the level of blood sugar. The body is such a marvelous specimen. Its actually raise the level of blood sugar to a normal level of balance. The Pancreas through (Beta Cells) produce another hormone called Insulin to help use the Glucose efficiently. Through the Alpha Cells and Beta Cells the level of sugar in the blood is REGULATED!!

The body is about Life, Health and Balance!

Digestion & Food Combining Class - 101 Emphasis on the Stomach

Mar 29 2016
Digestion & Food Combining Class - 101  Emphasis on the Stomach


The Digestion System is a complex system. The reason it is so complex is because it involves Enzymes, Juices, Glands and Organs. This System must be supported with Whole Food to function efficiently. These foods properly combined will provide a Complete Protein. Complex Carbohydrates, Fats and the Eight Essential Amino Acids are all provided from Whole Food to build a healthy body.


Digestion and Food Combining Series (Part III) "AS WE AGE" When we were young children we were always told to eat your, Beans, Rice, Fruits and Vegetables. Now let us remember the days of our youth. Be Happy, Healthy and Wholly!!!

Jul 19 2015
Digestion and Food Combining Series (Part III)
As we age there are many changes that some individuals experience. There are also some persons possibly because of genetics or healthful lifestyle experience minimum changes. I would like to encourage ALL as we age to add to your daily schedule, a more Nutritional Plant Base Diet, more Exercise and drink lots of Water.