Your Wellness Partner

My Story

 In the late 1980’s I was led through the Inspiration of God toward Missionary Education. After meeting with a few brethren in Detroit, Mich. who were involved in Health Evangelism and operating a small Health Food Pantry; I was indeed inspire to move forward! I began visiting different Missionary Educational Facilities. some in  Mich.,Tenn., Fla., Okla. etc.

I began advocating biblical health in the 1980's. My communities were very receptive..Troy, Mich., Sterling Hts. and Madison Hts. where I currently reside. I would simply share healthful tips at church, with the neighbors, at the gym, at the market place and while run/walk in the park. I was soon invited to many churches to speak on the composition of the Human Body through the Bible. Many home groups request Health Presentation on particular health topics. I knew the Inspiration of God was leading me. Inspired indeed!

I recognized my need for more formal education in the study of Anatomy & Physiology and Food Chemistry. I attended Missionary Education and Evangelistic Training School, Christian School of Biological Theory of Ionization and other specialized Detoxification Training Facilities. I became a Certified Lifestyle Hygienist Educator. 

Founded in 1991 a Lifestyle Educational Ministry under the name Healthy Lifestyle II. A few of us Christian families discovering healthful living through the Bible and other inspired books such as, Counsels on Diets and Food, Ministry of Healing, Medical Ministry etc. We began to build a network among various churches and communities, encouraging healthful living and eating. We presented Pure Vegetarian Cooking Classes, Raw Food Classes, Fresh Juices and Hydro-therapy Session.

In 2009 God gave me a new name Rapid Awakening Health Ministries. R.A.H.M (rapid awakening health ministries) teaches the fundamental principles of health with emphasis on “Who create the Human Body”, Why Whole Food,  “ How to manage / control nutritional and hereditary conditions”.  We use the Eight Essentials to access tired, overworked and exhausted body condition. We advocate proper dress to protect the body’s systems and balance circulation.

At R.A.H.M. you are not restricted to a diet or cleansing program. We encourage lifestyle choices, a life full of rich energizing mouth watering food. You choose to exercises, you must choose rest, you must choose to live. Our desire is to lead others to Jesus in this diversed world. We need men and women with the mind of Christ, to bring messages to those who are perishing unwarned of a Judgement soon to come upon this world. We live to swift and suffer to long. Rapid Awakening Health success lies in its practical Bible principles. Jesus say The thief cometh not, for but to steal and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10