Health Awareness 2018

Jul 08 2018


Our Nutritional Herbologist Lloyd Grubb, as well as, a Pastor. He presented an extraordinary presentation on the power of the Aloe Vera Leaf, Herbal Clay Powder, Charcoal and the medicinal properties of the Tumeric. Many questions were raised, as we applied the Aloe Vera Gel onto our face. A few things about the Aloe is that you can apply over your entire body. It doesn't have to be rinsed off your face or body its working for you without any messy oily or sticky residue. 

History has it that Aloe Vera is one of oldest mention plant for its medicinal properties and health benefits. I'm sure most people know it for wide use for burns. Here's the best kept secret, its known for ache and pains. Arthritis begone or diminish the inflammation daily. Aloe Vera is grown in dry arid areas such as Africa, Middle East an be continued