Health Awareness 2018!!

Mar 31 2018

More emphasis was placed on Anatomy and Physiology. The Cycle of Man! How the Food man eat make Blood, Cells, tissues and Organs. 

The Circadian Bio Rhythm chart should be studied and implemented. It is the body's internal clock! It's the process of chemical changes in a living organ. Our body has three internal cycle: Elimination Cycle, Digestion Cycle and Assimilation Cycle. The body is so wonderfully formed. 

The strongest hours of digestion juice is between 10 am - 2 pm. The weakest hours of the body's enzymatic juices are between the hours of 3 pm - 8 pm. 

Elimination Cycle begins at 4 am - 12 pm and Digestion Cycle begins at 12 pm - 8 pm,  Assimilation Cycle begins as 8 pm - 4 am.

Remember the body's cycles never stops. They're like waves...a continuous overlapping decreasing and increasing. Reason is your body is releasing waste at different times of the day.

The Food Demonstration was a Non-Dairy Creamy Cheese!