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Courses and Training 

Rapid Awakening Health Ministries conducts two training classes a year. One is conducted in the month of July and the other in the month of October.

July's courses consist of Basic Medical Missionary classes. The Fundamental Principles are established at this level. It is an accelerated one week course, yet at a pace for Medical Missionary minded students. Our core purpose is to equip / instruct students in the area of Basic Anatomy and Physiology, the basic functioning of the living organism. Students will receive instruction on The Eight Essentials / Godsplan, Hydrotherapy Treatments, Detoxification, the benefits of Gardening and classroom participation. All class materials and books are included.   $790.00

Students who choose to enroll in the October's class are making a decision to become a Gospel Medical Missionary. This is a two week course. The Basic Medical Missionary materials are included, Agricultural class, Biblical and Hygienic Approaches to relieving of suffering souls. This class is designed to be a more in-depth study including some Administration functions.  $1350.00

Enrollment: All prospective students interested in either of these courses can contact us using the Contact Form on this site or use any other of the traditional methods (phone, fax, email and regular mail) to submit their registration and application information.

Rapid Awakening Health Ministries will only accept four students per course.
All Registration Forms / other methods of registration must be received and confirmed three weeks before training begins.
All Vegan Meals and Guest accommodation must be confirmed three weeks before the training begins.



Certification Program for Colon Hygienic Therapy

  • Monday thru Thursday - Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm   Friday- Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm
  • Included: Class books, material and Blue Print "How to Setup Hydro System"
    Guest Room, Raw Food and Cook Vegan Meals

Monday - Introduction, classroom work and participation

  • Tuesday thru Thursday ( Practical Applications / Clinical)
    Practical Observations in Colon Hygiene
    Anatomy of the Colon
    What is Food; What is Nutrition
    Herbal Formula's, Assessment's

 Friday - Review & Exam - $1265.00 


Registration Fee & Colon Therapy Training