Retreat Offerings


Rapid Awakening Health offers a 1 day “ Cleansing Spa Experience” package.  It’s a very (mild cleansing) relaxing, nutrient rich package.

Many Spa's cleanse from the outside in, this "Cleansing Spa Experience" package is designed to cleanse from the inside out. It improve your natural complexion, circulation and elimination. 

Cleansing Spa Experience has four main features, four main qualities to assist the body in getting the response needed, for Clearer skin, brighter healthier eyes and lots of energy. With a Certified experience Therapist for the Gentle Cleanse, Compressions and several other special services. Included in this package is a Raw Vegan Meal.    $370.00

Allow 3-4 Hours for a Total Session

·         Clear Skin:  Facial Cleanse ( French Clay Poultice, Aloe Vera Mask, Essential / Mineral Gentle Scrub)

·         Clearer Eyes: Herbal Remedies include herbal tea and Cucumber  Oval

·          Compressions: Hand and Feet (Full Body Massage -optional)

·         Therapeutic  Colon Cleanse:  Pure Clean Water (Reverse Osmosis)